7FB Pneumatic Electric

7FB Pneumatic Electric

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    Toyota innovation and engineering come together to create a revolution in the electric forklift industry. The Toyota 7FB is the world’s first electric forklift to combine the benefits of AC power with Toyota’s exclusive System of Active Stability™ (SAS). This system actually senses and counteracts instability to help reduce the risk of forklift tipovers. SAS combines with Toyota’s reputation for quality, durability and dependability to raise standards for forklift safety and productivity.


    • Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tipovers 
    • When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer locks the rear axle to help prevent lateral tipovers
    • Active Mast Function Controller senses and controls mast angle and rear tilt speed according to the load's height and weight        


    • SAS Automatic Fork Leveling Control levels forks with the ground for easier pallet retrieval
    • Wide-view mast offers an unparalleled view of the forks in any position
    • Tight-turning radius increases maneuverability in small areas       


    • The 7FB is designed to help extend battery life, reducing operating costs and maximizing up-time
    • Toyota's hydraulic lifters help lower engine noise and reduce maintenance
    • Three forms of regenerative braking help operators come to complete, confident stops: foot, coast and plug braking.
    • Optimal maximum travel speed can be set for optimal performance as well as safety while training new employees    


    • Cowl-mounted hydraulic controls allow for comfortable, "eyes forward" operation
    • Spacious operator compartment with wider foot area helps reduce operator fatigue
    • Low step height lets operators enter and exit easily and comfortably        

    Ease of Service

    • Integrated monitoring system for quicker, easier servicing
    • An automatic shut off is activated after 15 minutes to extend battery life
    • A built in analyzer and self diagnostics make the 7FB easier to maintain        

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