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Toyota Production System

When manufacturing using the Toyota Production System, Toyota only builds what is ordered. Equipment orders are slotted into the production schedule every day based on the production forecast and slot availability. This ensures a steady workflow through the factory and is a process called Heijunka - a technique to facilitate Just-In-Time (JIT) production. The Just-In-Time principle is critical because it allows employees on the manufacturing floor to receive the right parts, the exact moment and location they're needed for the specific piece forklift they're working on at that time. It also guarantees our product quality by making each person in every process a quality inspector.

What the TPS system means for you:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Cost savings
  • Highest quality equipment in the industry
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Toyota Plant Application 1

3 Reasons to Choose a Toyota Forklift

1. World's #1-selling forklift - From quality and durability to reliability and lowest cost of ownership, it's no wonder Toyota forklifts are the world's top-selling forklift.

2. Long history of excellence - Back in 1956, Toyota's forklift division was born in Japan with the introduction of the first Toyota forklift.

3. Focused on safety - Toyota forklifts created the world’s very first System of Active Stability (SAS) - a system that monitors the forklift's operations to help reduce the chance of tip-overs.

4. Committed to eliminating waste - Toyota has a process called Toyota Lean Management (TLM) that focuses on the reduction of waste in your warehouse and logistic operations. Similar to Toyota's Production System (TPS), which aims to limit waste in the manufacturing process, TLM helps reduce waste in areas beyond the manufacturing floor.

Keep your Toyota running like a Toyota

Every Toyota forklift rolls off the manufacturing line with Toyota Genuine Parts that are built to last. To maintain the highest levels of safety and quality, any replacement part used on a Toyota lift truck should be a Toyota Genuine Part. All Toyota Genuine Parts come with a 180-day factory warranty. Use the link below to order directly from our online store.