Our Culture

Excellence is our commitment. People are our passion.

A message from our leader

To develop a winning team, the best thing you can do is assess what their God-given talents are and place them in a role where those talents are being effectively utilized and celebrated to accomplish their goals and the goals of the company overall.

Shawn Jones, President

, Toyota Material Handling Midsouth

Toyota Material Handling of Tennessee

Our company is comprised of powerhouse brands. Toyota Material Handling Midsouth, H&C Rents, and PWR Forklift Batteries are the pillars that comprise our company, Toyota Material Handling of Tennessee. We operate independently from each other but work together to offer full-service material handling solutions for our customers.

A benefit of working for our family of organizations is career advancement opportunities across our four organizations. When positions become available, we strive to fill them with qualified internal candidates first. No matter which logo you wear on your shirt, you are part of an organization that is committed to your future and helping you achieve your goals, both personally and professionally.

The BOLD Initiative

We strive to be a premier place to work. As part of this effort, we launched the BOLD Initiative. BOLD is an acronym that stands for Bettering Our Lives Daily. The goal of this initiative is to purposefully create ways to pour into our employees in ways that have a lasting impact on themselves and their families. Some of the BOLD moves we’ve made so far include providing free healthcare for employees and their families, flexible work schedules for technicians, pay-it-forward opportunities, access to a corporate chaplain for emotional and spiritual support, and more.

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Our Core Values

We don’t just hire the best of the best people, we hire the best people who also align with our core values. They are the heartbeat of our organization and the ‘why’ behind everything we do.

Integrity - Always be honest and do the right thing.

Flexibility - Be adaptable and open to new ideas.

Commitment - Dedicated to being the best. No matter what.

Service to Others - Act selflessly and anticipate the needs of others.

Lead by Example - Walk the walk.

Empowerment - Be supportive and encouraging to others.