Warehouse Automation


Warehouse automation is the broad term used to describe technologies that automate repetitive processes within a warehouse. Automation can include both digital and physical technologies and focuses on optimizing the movement of goods into, within, and out of a facility. Along with minimizing or even eliminating labor-intensive activities, warehouse automation can improve the efficiency, safety, and accuracy of tasks.

Investing in warehouse automation technologies is a custom and scalable solution for managing current demand and future growth. From automated order picking and packing to sorting, shipping, receiving, and more - we’ll help design a custom automated warehouse system for your operation.



Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Automated storage and retrieval systems, also known as ASRS systems, use a combination of robotics and predefined storage locations to deposit and retrieve non-palletized items automatically. ASRS warehouse systems reduce the need for manual tasks like inventory replenishment and picking while increasing throughput capabilities. Automated storage and retrieval systems are compact vertical structures and typically replace large rack and shelving areas within a warehouse, saving valuable floor space. ASRS systems increase accuracy, provide real-time data and inventory control, and provide the highest possible storage density.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicles are load carriers that are capable of traveling autonomously through a warehouse or distribution facility, without an onboard operator. Toyota’s automated guided vehicles are powered by LIDAR-based natural features navigation, which requires no additional infrastructure. We create a map of where the AGV will operate within your facility, and the equipment will handle the rest. Toyota warehouse AGVs are predictably consistent and remarkably accurate, giving you a competitive advantage in material handling and reducing your operating costs.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Vertical lift modules are enclosed automated storage and retrieval systems that use columns of trays with an inserter/extractor to deliver trays of stored items to an operator. VLMs eliminate unnecessary trips down aisles and wasted movement between storage areas by delivering goods to a stationary operator at an ergonomically positioned pick window. Vertical lift modules are designed to store and deliver goods with the push of a button, decreasing walk and search time while increasing productivity.

Other Products

  • Sorting Systems
  • Warehouse Picking
  • Goods to Person
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Carousels


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