Warehouse Optimization


Nearly every aspect of your facility impacts the bottom line, especially the layout and design of the warehouse. The design of the space has a direct impact on efficiency and productivity, down to every last square foot. A poorly planned warehouse layout typically means general tasks take longer to complete, resulting in wasted time and resources. A well-designed warehouse will efficiently manage the flow of incoming and outgoing goods, minimize the physical handling of inventory, and increase the safety of your employees.

Our team of warehouse experts can help you reimagine your facility right down to the last square foot. Let us help you imagine what’s possible.

Warehouse safety


Space Utilization

Maximizing usage of the entire space is the key to a successful warehouse layout. The best guide to understanding how to maximize your warehouse to understand measurements of the space including ceiling height, aisle width, structural and structural obstacles. Improving space utilization can often include shifting locations of entire business units, even if the setup has been in place for years. Solutions like installing a mezzanine or a vertical storage solution can create more room in the warehouse and improve warehouse operations overall.

Optimize Flow

Optimizing the flow of goods within your warehouse allows for the streamlining of operations, reducing time it takes to complete tasks. An ideal warehouse flow arranges processes in a logical sequence that eliminates bottlenecks and reduces travel time. Our team can custom design an optimized conveyor systems, racking, and inventory management solutions to make your warehouse flow more efficient.

Minimize Workload

Most warehouses have plenty of jobs to fill and not enough workers to fill open positions. Automation streamlines processes and makes the warehouse more efficient, minimizing the need for humans to complete repetitive, laborious tasks. Automating your warehouse will allow you to focus less on filling open positions and more on scaling your operations.

Choose the Right Equipment

The equipment you run in your warehouse has a direct impact on uptime, productivity and the overall safety of your operation. When choosing equipment, it is important to consider how many hours they will operate, how high to they need to lift items, if they will be used indoor or outdoor, and specific accessories you may need, among other considerations. Toyota is known for excellence in innovation and has been the top forklift brand in the U.S. since 2002. Whether you need forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, pallet jacks, or AGV’s, Toyota has a solution that can be customized to your specific needs.