Lithium Ion Batteries (LiB)

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Energy Solutions to Power Your Fleet

Toyota Lithium-Ion Batteries (LiB) employ a unique design, incorporating electrolyte technology and a ceramic separator, that enhances productivity and enables consistent peak performance throughout an entire shift. These cutting-edge batteries are available for select electric Toyota Forklift models and will keep you moving efficiently and conveniently day after day.

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What Makes a Lithium Ion Battery Different

Lithium Ion Batteries are an investment, and you might wonder if it’s worth the additional cost for your particular application or if you should continue using lead-acid batteries. LiB technology is ideal for high-throughput utilization where a unit is operated for multiple shifts in a day – such as in distribution, retail, and paper industries.

Consistent Power
Get the same quality of power throughout the life of the charge.
Quick Charging
With no cool-down time required and a faster charge, you can need fewer forklifts to complete a job.
Fewer Batteries Needed
With longer life, the need for multiple batteries to swap out is eliminated, saving time and space.
Minimal Maintenance
Unlike lead-acid batteries, no watering, equalizing, or cleaning is necessary to maintain lithium Ion batteries.

Forklift Battery Charging Solutions to Revolutionize Your Operations

With plug-and-play capabilities, our lithium ion battery chargers offer efficiency and ease of use, resulting in reduced downtime and eliminating the need for spare batteries.


  • 24V, 36V, and 48V options

  • Easy installation

  • Maintenance-Free Sealed BatteryUL listed


  • 120 to 540 amps

  • Small footprint

  • Modular design

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Lithium Ion Benefits for TMH website

Peak Performance Throughout a Charge

Unlike Lead-Acid Batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries allow your machine to operate at peak performance throughout its entire charge. Once removed from the charging station, Lead-Acid batteries begin losing voltage, power, and the ability to perform over time. They continue to operate at an even slower pace the closer they get to a dead battery. This combination ultimately leads to production loss. Not only do Lithium-Ion Batteries require less downtime when charging, but they will also keep your products moving at full speed creating higher productivity in your facility.

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Opportunity charging is exactly like it sounds - you charge your forklift at opportunities throughout a shift, anywhere in the building. When using Lithium Ion Batteries in your forklifts, you have the ability to charge your forklift between tasks - think lunch breaks and during shift change. Any time the forklift has downtime, you are able to use the charging station to keep the forklift running at full capacity. Opportunity charging also increases the employee’s productivity with less downtime between charging and the convenience of setting up the charging stations wherever is best for your facility. With lead-acid batteries, this is not typically an option because of reduced battery life and additional maintenance and having a dedicated charging spot due to the chance of a battery acid spill.

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