Autocar MY 2018 4x2 Off-Road Terminal Tractor Standard Specifications
Engine and Equipment Standard Optional
Engine model Cummins QSBT4f 146HP @ 2100RPM Cummins QSB 164HP @2300RPM/540 LB-FT @1500RPM
  620 LB-FT @1500RPM Cummins QSB 173HP @2300RPM/620 LB-FT @1500RPM
    Cummins QSB 195HP @2300RPM/590 LB-FT @1500RPM
    Cummins QSB 260HP @2500RPM/730 LB-FT @1500RPM
Exhaust Vertical DOC w/ Horizontal SCR  
Air cleaner Donaldson 11 inch single stage 11" 2 stage/Donaldson inline precleaner/Donaldson topspin precleaner/exhaust turn-out
Radiator 1000 sq in copper brass  
Fan & drive Direct drive (2-speed drive fan clutch)
Coolant hoses/piping Silicone hoses with steel tubing  
Coolant   Extended life coolant  
Engine Equipment Fleetguard FS 1003 F/W Separator w/ probe & dash light Fleetguard FS 1003 with heat/Davco 382 with heat
    Engine block heater (750/1000W)/Oil pan heater/engine oil sample port
    Arctic Fox in-tank fuel heater w/ thermostat
Transmission and Equipment    
Transmission model Allison 3000 RDS (Allison 3500 RDS)
Transmission gearing 4-speed (3-speed or 5-speed)
Transmission controls Allison push button (Allison t-handle)
Transmission cooler Oil to water type  
Transmission lubricant TranSynd™ synthetic  
Driveshaft Dana Spicer® 1710 half-round  
Front Axle and Equipment    
Axle model Meritor MFS wide track (14,700 rated) Dana Spicer® E-1322-W (13,200 lb rated)
Front suspension Flat leaf (14,500 lb rated)  
Shock absorbers Double acting - heavy duty (2 front shocks)  
Power steering Gearbox, integral steering w/ mechanical backup  
Power steering reservoir Integral w/ hydraulic tank  
Brakes 15x4 S-Cam  
Brake drums Cast iron  
Slack adjusters Meritor automatic slack adjusters Haldex slacks
Front hubs Iron hub piloted  
Rear Axle and Equipment    
Axle model Meritor S24-160 (single reduction) (Meritor RS23-186, RS30-380)
    (Dana Spicer® S23-170 (single reduction),S23-190
     S30-190 & S30-590)
    (Sisu 30 S Planetary axle)
Rear axle ratio 7.17:1  (ratio based on selected axle & performance)
Rear suspension Solid Rear spring suspension w/ aeon cushions
Brakes 16.5 x 7 s-cam  
Brake drums Cast iron  
Slack adjusters Meritor automatic slack adjusters Haldex slacks
Rear hubs Iron hub piloted  
Gear lubricant Synthetic  
Chassis and Equipment    
Wheelbase 116 inch  122", 128"
Frame 2.0 million RBM, 50,000 KSI steel, 'C'-reinforced, heavy duty box frame
Frame fasteners Huck bolts where possible  
Bumper Steel reinforced bumper Heavy duty reinforced bumper
Tow device(s) Front & rear tow eyes  
Pneumatic System (Rapid Fill)    
Air compressor Wabco 18.7 CFM  
Air system drain valve Manual petcocks all tanks Pull cords on all tanks, 1/4 turn valve tank drains
Air lines Nylon, color coded  
Air system 121 airbrake system, front/rear system protection  
Fuel System    
Fuel tank 50 gallon steel round  mounted left side 50 gallon step tank, 40 gal round tank (18" dia)
Fuel filter Cummins  
Fuel lines SAE J844 nylon  
5th Wheel and Hydraulic System    
5th wheel SAF/Holland 70,000 lb semi-oscillating 16 inch lift (SAF/Holland 100,000 lb, Jost, Fontaine options)
Hydraulic lift cylinders (2) 5 inch 50,000 lb capacity, upper & lower heavy duty (limited lift height cylinders)
  spherical bearins  
Hydraulic tank 15 gallon steel tank w/ sight glass  
Pump Engine mounted  Chelsea PTO 280-5RK
Trailer Equipment    
Air connections   12 ft color coded coiled w/ glad-hands
    (break-away glad-hands)
7-way electric cable receptacle 15' straight rubber trailer hoses w/spring hanger 12 ft electrical cable 
Tires and Wheels    
Front tires 11R22.5 Doublecoin Low-Pro (295/280/275)/Goodyear, Michelin, Continental
Front wheels Steel 22.5 x 8.25 hub piloted, 285mm BC 22.5x8.25" Steel 2 HH wheel, customer supplied wheels/tires
Rear tires 11R22.5 Doublecoin Low-Pro (295/280/275)/Goodyear, Michelin, Continental
Rear wheels Steel 22.5 x 8.25 hub piloted, 285mm BC 22.5x8.25" Steel 2 HH wheel, customer supplied wheels/tires
    V2B flow through valve caps
Electrical System    
Electrical system 12V, negative ground  
Alternator Delco Remy  22SI 130AMP Delco 160 AMP, 28SI w/ Remote Sense pad mount
    Mitsubishi 12V 160 AMP pad mount
Starter Denso 12V  
Batteries (2) group 31 950 CCA (min)/1900 CCA total 2000CCA, 3000CCA, AGM batteries 1800CC, 2300 CCA
Circuit protection Automatic circuit breakers  
Windshield wipers Single electric (pantograph) w/o washer washer, intermittent setting
Backup alarm Non-motion detecting (motion detecting, CA compliant)
Horn Single (air horn - roof or under-cab mounted)
Headlamps Low/high halogen LED Headlights, Spot-style headlights, direct wired
Backup light, stop & turn signals LED stop & turn, incandescent backup, shock resistant mount LED spot lights, alternate positioning
BOC 5th wheel light Incandescent, shock resistant mount  
Cab and Equipment    
Cab construction • Electrocoated (e-coated) steel, full cab immersion • (rust prevention coating)
Cab dimensions (outside) Raised roof, 52" wide x 71" deep (w/o rear door) x 78" high (deck to roof)
Cab doors Left side hinged door w/ manual crank window, aluminum sliding rear door
Rear door opening (useable) 24" wide x 72" high  
Cab floor Sweep out floor w/ durable mat rear door protector
Cab dash Steel wrap around tinted/laminated sliding door glass
Overhead console Steel  
Cab mounting 4 point, rear dual (2) air suspension bags 3-point spring
Cab tilt Electric over hydraulic  
Glass Tinted, tempered windshield (laminated windshield)
Mirrors Dual SST west coast mirrors (heated primary, motorized primary, convex)
Cab climate control system 44,000 BTU fresh air heater (air conditioning)
Steering column Fixed Tilt/telescopic
Steering wheel 18 inch 2-spoke  
Seat Air suspension, mid-back without fore/aft isolation (air suspension, mid-back with fore/aft isolation) 
Seat covering Black Cordura Plus® cloth fabric Vinyl seat cover
Seat belt 2-point black (3-point orange)
Dome light Switch on dash  
Power ports (2) 12V ((1) cigar lighter/(1) 12V power port)
Sunvisor None Translucent
Air Horn Under cab mounted Mounted top right side of cab
Operators Controls Cab Instrumentation Cab Warning Devices
Park brake - push/pull Speedometer Park brake
Headlamps Engine oil pressure High beam
Turn signal - column mounted Coolant temperature Turn signal
Brake pedal (dual pedal optional) Transmission oil temperature Low fuel
Accelerator pedal Fuel level/ DEF level Low air
5th wheel height control Primary (A) air pressure Seat belt
5th wheel lock Secondary (B) air pressure Regen
Transmission gear selector - Push button Hour meter HEST
  Voltmeter - optional Air restriction indicator
  Tachometer - optional Filter with water in fuel indicator
    Fifth Wheel height indicator/lock indicator - optional
Cab White (customer specific colors)
Chassis Black (customer specific colors)
Bumper Black (customer specific colors)
Wheels White powder coat (customer specific colors)
Optional Equipment    
Air Dryer (ADIP, AD-9, Wabco) 7-way electric trailer cable Translucent sun visor
Fuel/ water separator w/ heater Glad-hand and 7-way cable storage Cab fan(s)
Engine block heater Battery disconnect switch AM/FM radio/CD w/ aux input, speakers & antenna
Oil pan heater Air restriction indicator w/ dash light 5# ABC fire extinguisher
Beavertail/frame extension/kingpin guides Spot/work/flood lights  Triangle Kit
Rear axle mud flaps (front/rear) Training seat Air horn
Front axle mudflaps LED marker lights Additional instrumentation
Rear flexible fenders LED side turn signal lights No driver door
Trailer stops/full cab guard Auto lube system (Interlube) Lever start, no key/pushbutton start
Glad hand buckets Dock bumpers (cab) Double blink strobe light, other strobe/beacon options
Fender skirt./splash protector Additional decking, side cab catwalk Trailer Rapid fill system
Additional engine tunnel insulation Safety yellow decking Pneumatic 5th wheel lockout
360 degree swivel trailer light Diamond plate cab floor Cab document storage
Premium seating options (swivel, heated) Dollymaster, pintle hook options RH deck access steps
Rear diff lock    
Vehicle Ratings    
Vehicle tare weight, front    
Vehicle tare weight, rear    
GAWF 13,200 lbs  
GAWR 30,000 lbs  
GCW 80,000 lbs  
Basic Warranties (Industry Best)    
Autocar terminal tractor 1 year or 3,000 hours whichever occurs first, parts & labor  
Frame 7 years or 20,000 hours whichever occurs first  
Cummins industrial engine QSB - 2 years parts & labor (2,000 hours)  
Allison transmission 3 years parts & labor 5 year optional
Dana axles 3 years parts & labor  
Meritor Axles (24-160 only) 6 months, parts only 2 years parts & labor

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