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CB18 Automated Guided Forklift

Step into the future with the CB18 Automated Guided Forklift (AGF), your revolutionary solution for all your material handling needs. With an impressive lifting capacity of 4,000 lbs. and an astonishing lift height of up to 176 in., this powerhouse ensures smooth transportation of your heaviest loads throughout your warehouse or distribution center. Experience unmatched convenience as our AGF utilizes natural features navigation to flawlessly follow pre-set paths, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or operators. The CB18 AGF allows for enhanced productivity and efficiency, revolutionizing how you handle materials.

  • 4,000 lbs

    Load Capacity

  • 360-degree

    Field of View

  • 176

    Lift Height (inches)

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Equipment Details

The CB18 Automated Guided Forklift automatically handles pallets with ease. It is a versatile solution for material handling tasks, boasting a three-stage mast that reaches up to 176 in. with maintained load stability. Its adjustable forks and dynamic environment scanning ensure efficient handling of both standard and oversized pallets.

Model Number Load Capacity (lbs) Max. Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max. Gradeability Full Load (%) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.) Battery Voltage (V)
CB18 4,000 6.7 N/A 74.85 48