Toyota Electric Forklifts

Core Electric Turret Forklift

Elevate your warehouse efficiency with Toyota's Core Electric Turret Forklift. Catering to increasing demand, this machine optimizes storage even in narrow aisles with a 2,500 lb capacity, nearly 20ft lift height, and 90-degree stacking feature. With its unique Cascade mast and gun turret head, handling loads to the left, right, and center is easy, enhancing productivity in tight spaces.

  • 2,500 lbs

    Load Capacity

  • 36/38

    Voltage (V)

  • 7

    Aisle Width (ft.)

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Equipment Details

Toyota's Electric Turret Forklift is an innovative solution for narrow aisle stacking, allowing operations in spaces as tight as 7 feet. This drastically enhances your storage and throughput volume. Its versatile swing turret is indispensable for compact areas, maximizing storage efficiency.

  1. Ability to stack at 90-degree angles for enhanced productivity
  2. Swinging fork face, enabling load management from all sides
  3. Can be used in narrow spaces, maximizing warehouse utilization
  4. Award-winning forklift delivering innovation and reliability
  5. Highly regarded by end-users and professionals, ensuring quality and efficiency