Power Breezer Mach 4 Cooling System

The Power Breezer Mach 4 family of products are high-powered cooling systems designed for large indoor spaces and mid sized semi-enclosed outdoor spaces. The Mach 4 provides mist up to 40 ft. Wind up to 100 ft and the Mach 4 Max provides mist up to 50 ft. and wind up to 140 ft.

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Equipment Details

This energy-efficient portable air conditioner can be used as a misting unit using the natural process of evaporation with a new spin on a patented atomization process. Water is smashed into micro-droplets resulting in a fine mist that doesn’t get you or your equipment wet.

  • Backed by a manufacturer 2-year warranty
  • The Power Breezer can be used as a deployment mechanism for the water-soluble disinfectants approved by the EPA and CDC that can be used to battle the spread of COVID-19.