MacroAir Industrial Ceiling Fans

High ceilings and large square footage can lend themselves to stifling airflow and ventilation. MacroAir Industrial Ceiling Fans are up to the challenge. By keeping temperatures lower, these HVLS fans (high volume, low speed) are a cost-effective solution to increase comfort and productivity in any warehouse environment.

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MacroAir’s large industrial ceiling fans have the performance, quality, and value to meet all of your warehouse ceiling fan needs. The anodized aluminum airfoils require less energy, reducing cooling costs, while also resisting dust and oxidation. The patented safety system assures security of fan blades, even in extreme conditions.

  • Year-Round Energy Savings
  • Automation Ready
  • Patented Interlocking Safety System
  • Reverse Functionality
Model Horsepower Diameter Pounds
X Series 1.25-2.3 14-24’ 156-260
Y Series 1.0-2.0 8-24’ 171-270
Z Series 1.0-2.0 8-24’ 171-270
AirVolution-D780 2.10 20-24 214-239
AirVolution-D3 1.05 10-24’ 129-162
  • Color Customization
  • Controller 4 individual fan control for up to four fans
  • Controller 30 controls up to 30 fans using a fully-integrated LCD touch screen
  • AirLynk BMS Integration integrates your fans into your current building management system
  • AirEffect Temperature Control system senses and maintains room temperature
  • Factory Certified Installation


Increase productivity and keep your warehouse comfortable, while reducing cooling costs with MacroAir lage industrial ceiling fans.