Toyota Electric Forklifts

Order Picker

The Toyota Order Picker is a high-reach picking champion. Toyota's Lift Logic technology monitors speed and lift height to ensure operators are always traveling at safe speeds while picking. The Order Picker is the perfect solution for maneuvering in tight spaces and in narrow aisles. With over 390 inches in lift height capability, the Order Picker is a simple solution for quickly, and safely, pulling from even your tallest racks.

  • 3,000 lbs

    Load Capacity

  • Electric

    Engine Power

  • 6.5 - 7.5 mph

    Travel Speed

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Equipment Details

The Toyota Order Picker features Toyota's advanced technologies and is built to handle even the most demanding work environments. AC drive and lift motors provide superior performance and energy efficiency. It’s flip-up side gates are raised and lowered quickly, while the interlocking deadman pedal controls travel and lift. An automatic locking pallet clamp reduces operator effort, maximizing productivity.

  • 390” lift height
  • 36V Model Available
  • Industry leading lift/lower speeds
  • Length to forkface: 74 - 83.75”
  • Overhead guard height: 88.25”
  • Overall width: 40-60”


Model Number Load Capacity (lbs) Max. Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max. Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Width (in.) Battery Voltage (V)
8BPUE15 3,000 6.5 33 40 24
8BPU15 3,000 6.5 57 40-60 24
8BPUH15 3,000 6.5 80 40-60 36
  • Flip-Up Side Gates
  • Wire Guidance
  • Lift Logic
  • LED Work Area
  • Operator Compartment Fan


The Toyota Order Picker reaches new heights in any warehouse situation. This narrow aisle order picker can navigate the tallest racks while maneuvering the narrowest aisles, boosting efficiency and performance in all warehouse environments.