JLG Aerial Work Platforms

JLG Articulating Boom Lift

When a task demands extreme height and horizontal reach, The JLG Articulating Boom Lift is the perfect fit. This articulating man lift allows you to smoothly and safely lift your operator up and over machinery or other obstacles to get the job done. With models featuring the world’s tallest reach height and industry’s best reach envelope and terrainability, it is ideal for those hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor applications of all types.

  • 500 - 1,000 lbs

    Load Capacity

  • Diesel, Electric, or Hybrid

    Engine Power

  • 0.3 - 4.3 mph

    Travel Speed

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Equipment Details

It’s Advanced Design Electronics (Control ADE®) system provides smoother functions, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. JLG’s Articulating Boom Lift is built with an exclusive QuikStik® boom design to provide faster cycle speeds from the ground to full elevation. With diesel, electric and hybrid models available, you can easily find the perfect fit boom lift with various height and reach specifications.

  • Platform heights up to 150” feet
  • Zero emissions in the electric models
  • Rugged terrain tires
  • Electric models run quietly to not disrupt patrons
  • 25% - 45% gradeability
  • Smooth extension deployment
  • Oscillating axle gives better traction in diesel models


Model Number Power Type Platform Height Horizontal Outreach Platform Capacity
340AJ Diesel 19 ft 1 in 19 ft 11 in 500 lbs
450AJ Diesel 45 ft 25 ft 550 lbs
600AN Narrow Diesel 60 ft 5 in 39 ft 7 in 500 lbs
600AJ Diesel 60 ft 7 in 39 ft 9 in 500 lbs
600AJN Narrow Diesel 60 ft 7 in 39 ft 9 in 500 lbs
800AJ Diesel 80 ft 51 ft 10 in 500 lbs
1250AJP Diesel 125 ft 63 ft 2 in 1,000 lbs Restricted, 500 lbs Unrestricted
1500AJP Diesel 50 ft 60 ft 1,000 lbs Restricted, 600 lbs Unrestricted
H340AJ Hybrid 33 ft 10 in 19 ft 11 in 500 lbs
E300AJP Electric 29 ft 5 in 20 ft in 500 lbs
E300AJ Electric 30 ft 2 in 20 ft 3 in 500 lbs
E400AJP Electric 40 ft 22 ft 5 in 500 lbs
E400AJPN Electric 40 ft 22 ft 5 in 500 lbs
M4000AJP Hybrid 40 ft 22 ft 5 in 500 lbs
E450AJ Electric 45 ft 23 ft 9 in 500 lbs
H800AJ Hybrid 80 ft 51 ft 10 in 500 lbs
  • Four-wheel steer with three-position switch
  • Narrow 7 ft (2.13 meters) wide chassis option for access to confined areas
  • Optional jib available for some models
  • ClearSky telematics available for some models
  • SkyPower, SkyWelder, SkyCutter and SkyAir accessory packages available
  • SkySense - enhanced detection system that uses strategically placed object detection sensors to provide operators with an added level of awareness as they operate the lift
  • Miller welders and plasma cutters mounted in the platforms to increase workspace


The JLG Articulating Boom Lift was designed with the operator’s safety in mind. When activated by approximately 50 lbs of force, JLG’s SkyGuard technology kicks in, stopping all functions in use, then shortly reverses most functions that were in use after.