Aichi Aerial Work Platforms

Aichi Scissor Lift

The Aichi Scissor Lift is a versatile aerial work platform designed to help you safely work up to 38-feet in the air. This electric scissor lift is ideal for both indoor and outdoor warehouse jobs such as completing facility maintenance, installations, painting, and more. Working in tight spaces is no problem for this scissor lift thanks to its zero-degree turn radius and ability to fit through interior doorways.

  • 500-990 lbs

    Load Capacity

  • Brushless AC

    Engine Power

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Equipment Details

Featuring industry leading run time, the Aichi Scissor Lift is designed to provide both reliable performance and long battery life. It’s brushless AC drive motor design delivers greater power and requires less maintenance. An extended roll-out work platform provides up to 50 inches of additional workspace. The extension platform is easy to use and controlled with user-friendly handles that lock into place for secure operation.

  • Full 90 degree steering angle
  • Zero degree turning
  • 25% gradeability
  • Extended work platform


Model Number Platform Height Platform Capacity at Lift Height Platform Lift Time Platform Lower Time Overall Width
SV1932E 19 ft. 505 lbs. at 228 in. 26 seconds 30 seconds 32.1 in.
SV2032E 20 ft. 790 lbs. at 240 in. 28 seconds 40 seconds 31.9 in.
SV2632E 26 ft. 505 lbs. at 307 in. 795 lbs. at 236 in. 33 seconds 37 seconds 31.9 in.
SV2646E 26 ft. 705 lbs. at 382 in. 990 lbs. at 311 in. 40 seconds 50 seconds 46.1 in.
SV3246E 32 ft. 705 lbs. at 382 in. 990 lbs. at 311 in. 55 seconds 60 seconds 46.1 in.


The Aichi Scissor Lift was designed with safety in mind. It’s anti-rollback function applies the brake when it encounters a grade too steep. This prevents the lift from rolling back down a ramp while in use. A tilt alarm alerts operators of unsafe working conditions and limits platform movement until proper operation is restored.