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    Additional standard features include our GT Drive system, 48 volt AC power, hydraulic disc brakes, regenerative braking, Smart View display, recessed tie-downs, 12 gauge smooth skin, unitized steel body, LED lighting, cupholders, and a heavy duty all gear drive train that ensures reliability and low maintenance costs.

    Speed 12 mph (19.3 km/h)
    Range 40 Miles (64 km)
    Load Capacity 3,000 lbs (1361 kg)
    Tow Capacity 7,500 lbs (3402 kg)
    Passengers 2
    Weight 1,565 lbs (710 kg.)
    Length 130.5" (3314 mm)
    Width 44" (1117 mm)
    Height Less Cab: 51.5" (1308 mm) With Cab: 73" (1854 mm)
    Hitch Height  
    Outside Turning Radius 137" (3480 mm)
    Wheel Base 62" (1574 mm)
    Deck Width: 44" (1117 mm) Length: 77" (1955 mm) Height: 27.5" (698 mm)
    Frame Construction 12 Gauge, Smooth Skin, Unitized, Fully Welded, Steel
    Powertrain Type: Electric Power: 115 VAC, 60 Hz Transmission: Helical Gear, Oil Bath Transaxle, GT Automotive Differential Drive: Controller: Solid State Self Diagnostic AC Speed Controller
    Battery Type: Type: 210 Amp Hour, T605, 8 each, 6 volt System Voltage: 48V Charger: Built In, 48V, 115 VAC / 60 Hz, 1kW w/ Interlock, 17 Amp SCR
    Brakes Rear: Hydraulic Disc Front: Parking: Y
    Suspension Rear: Multi-Leaf Springs Front: Multi-Leaf Springs
    Steering Rack and Pinion
    Tires Rear: 5.7 x 8, Load Range C, Pneumatic Front: 5.7 x 8, Load Range C, Pneumatic
    Seats Driver: Black Adjustable Bucket Seat, Driver’s Seat Electrical Interlock Passenger: Black Adjustable Bucket Seat
    Instrumentation Smart View Display, Reverse Alarm, Forward / Off / Reverse Selector, Key Switch, Light Switch, High / Low Speed Switch, Electric Horn, Emergency Power Cut-off Switch, USB Port, DC/DC Converter



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