Toyota Material Handling MidSouth recognizes the changing needs of business. We offer a wide range of forklift rentals to fill your short-term, long-term or seasonal material handling needs. Our forklift rental department is committed to making your rental of material handling equipment easy and convenient. Our equipment is ready for immediate delivery.

4 Great Questions about Forklift Rentals

Renting a forklift is the most flexible, least risky way of trying something different. Whether it is a new or used forklift, forklift rentals allow you to evaluate the fit for the application in a more comprehensive manner than a typical demonstration. Over a period of a few weeks or months, you can be exposed to a variety of situations that would not ordinarily present themselves during the typical 3-day trial.

4 Common Forklift Rental Questions

Q: Why would I need to rent a forklift?
A: Most customers need a forklift when they have unexpected demand, for specialty projects (larger loads, unique product, etc.) or when their forklift is down for maintenance.

Q: What do I need to do when renting a forklift?
A: Typically, you will need to fill out a credit application and show proof of insurance.

Q: Am I responsible if the rental forklift breaks down?
A: Not when renting from a Toyota forklift dealer. Toyota takes care of all general forklift maintenance. You are only responsible for variable maintenance costs including fuel and the cost of any special attachments.

Q: Will I have to pay for any damages incurred?
A: Yes. The most common damage to rental forklifts are broken lights, torn seats, and cut tires.

Why you should rent an Electric Scissor Lift

The purpose of an Electric Scissor Lift, sometimes referred as a platform lift are commonly used to provide a variety of height and mobility when working in warehouses or spacious buildings.

Scissor lifts are excellent when your project requires changing out light bulbs, running electrical wiring, painting, transporting heavy loads, or any other type of indoor tasks.

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