7HBW23 Electric Pallet Truck 4500 lbs.

7HBW23 Electric Pallet Truck 4500 lbs.

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  • Product Description

    Toyota's Electric Pallet Truck is highly maneuverable and reliable to increase productivity. It offers an innovative, compact design that improves space utilization in confined and congested applications.



    • One-Piece, High-Strength Service Cover protects the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components against damage.
    • 24 Volt Electrical System delivers efficient power for maximum performance and longer work cycles.
    • Controller Area Network (CAN-Bus) Communication Technology provides quicker, more reliable control of all truck functions with fewer components.
    • Regenerative Braking improves overall efficiency and prolongs brake component life.
    • One-Piece Transmission and Motor Drive Unit provides better heat transfer for long, trouble-free lift.
    • Wrap-Around Steel Bumper protects the drive unit and drive tire against damage.
    • Lift Cylinder is Chrome Plated for enhanced wear resistance for various environmental conditions.
    • Fork Linkage contains Teflon Coated PolylubeTM Bushings that require no lubrication.    



    • Separately Excited (SepEx®) Drive Motor offers excellent acceleration and top travel speed loaded or unloaded.
    • SepEx® Transistor Control System with MOSFET delivers smooth speed control for precise positioning of the truck.
    • "Pinwheel" Capability is facilitated by placing the control handle in a near vertical position to allow for right angle stacking inside trailers or other confined areas.
    • Tapered Fork Tips combined with a reduced head length offer a compact design for maximum maneuverability.
    • Low Speed Torque provides increased power to climb dock plates, tailgates, and floor joints without lurching or stalling.
    • Electric Lift and Lower Controls on the handle are equipped with a pressure-compensated valve for constant lowering in all conditions.
    • Performance Parameters for up to ten individuals may be customized through the digital display to meet a wide range of job applications and operator skill levels.
    • Auto-Off System is programmable to conserve battery power    


    Ease of Service

    • One-Piece Lift-Off Service Access Cover provides easy access to all major components for inspection and maintenance to reduce service time.
    • No Drive Contactors reduce routine maintenance and inspection time.
    • Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical Components are logically separated for reduced maintenance problems and easy service.
    • Programmable Service Indicator notifies operators of routine maintenance and service needs through the display.
    • Self-Diagnostics provided through the digital display allow easy trouble-shooting without the use of an external hand-held analyzer
    • Polyethylene Stability Wear Pads are reversible for extended service life.    



    • Multifunction Control Handle comes equipped with large dual thumb wheels, lift, lower and horn buttons for simplified operation of all controls with either hand.
    • Hand Grips are designed at an angle to fit the operator's natural hand position comfortably, helping to reduce fatigue and increase operator efficiency.
    • Directional Thumb Wheels are designed to enhance comfort by minimizing hand and wrist fatigue associated with twist grip.    


    Specification Chart

           Spec Chart

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