Toyota Material Handling MidSouth is committed to safety in the workplace. Each year the improper use of forklifts and other lifting equipment causes injury and even loss of life to employees. Certified forklift operator training can potentially save businesses thousands of dollars each year.

We offer a training facility for companies and individuals with classroom, amenities, warehouse course, and lift truck equipment.  Or, classes can be held at your business facility on a company basis with a minimum of 5 operators. 

Forklift instruction takes approximately 4 hours for classes up to 10 people. There are two operator training class options: $150 (Class Cost Per Operator) for Class I, IV, & V, or $150 (Class Cost Per Operator) for Class II & III.  If you need to be trained on all 5 forklift classes, you will need to select our full day Skills Training.

For any questions regarding training, please CONTACT US.

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