Benefits of Forklift Safety Training

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It can be hard to justify the time and cost needed to conduct forklift safety training at your workplace, but there are more benefits to conducting the training than you might think.


A trained operator is a more productive operator. Understanding the design, capabilities and limitations of a forklift will have an impact on an operator’s performance, as will being educated about the laws, rules and/or regulations and the reasons they exist. Effective training is at the foundation of building an individual’s skill and creating precise movements with little time or energy wasted.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Stress can have a profound effect on not only productivity, but job satisfaction. Operators who better understand their equipment, potential obstacles within the facility and company expectations have lower stress levels and are happier at work.

Damage Reduction

The more information operators have about the safe operation of a forklift, the better they will understand their responsibilities. This knowledge results in decreased damage to your product, machine and facility. Be aware of your budget allocation for damage throughout the year and investigate reasons for the recorded accidents and damages. It is possible that the majority of instances could have been prevented with safer operation.

Insurance Costs

Worker’s compensation coverage is based on industry risk and is expensive for many companies. However, many insurance providers for buildings, products and machinery will reduce general insurance rates if a company has updated, ongoing training in compliance with the law.

Ensuring your employee’s safety is the main benefit of forklift safety training, but there are additional benefits you may not have considered.

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